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WHEN: First Monday of each month at 5:30 PM

WHERE: in the EHS auditorium


Please text 509.264-0232or,

drop us an email:

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What is your Super Power?

Areas we need your support:

 Social media: We are trying to build a platform where people can go to get information about us. Start a newsletter? Design flyers/ post about what's going on etc. Connecting all the social media platforms so we are visible and people know we exist. 

Spirit/clothing sales: We are always needing people to sell EHS spirit gear at events.


Concessions: We are needing a few extra people to help with concessions. Reach out to your coach or club advisor to have them schedule your team/club time with Deb Wirth of the Athletic Department today! 


Increasing Sponsor Membership: We need to promote and spread the word about supporting the booster club through monetary donation aka membership, and updating our board in the gym with current member names. 

Concerts: We will resume working the Gorge Summer concerts in 2022.  We need help in the areas of promoting these concerts to our EHS After-school activities/ athletics.

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