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      The purpose of the Wildcat Booster Club is to support all students of Eastmont High School academically, socially and athletically.  All funds raised are to support the student body of EHS through clubs, sports, and annual scholarships for graduating Seniors.  


       Wildcat Booster Club is a non-profit organization comprised of volunteers who are dedicated to improving the EHS student body and athletic programs. Participation and leadership are vital to success. You are encouraged to get involved through a variety of volunteer opportunities and/or financial donation options. 

All who want to support students at Eastmont High School are invited to join the Boosters! The Booster Club is not an exclusive "club" but an inclusive group of parents, community members, students and alumni working together to give our students the best experience possible. We use membership funds and income from the Concession stands to pay for many extras that Eastmont High School cannot afford without our help. A quick look around the main gym will show several projects of the Booster Club: the trophy display cases in the athletic hallway, the record boards in the gym, new jackets and backpacks for Girls Basketball, made possible by volunteer hours at the Gorge this last Summer.

The possibilities are only limited by participation of volunteers, so get involved today...Make an impact that is meaningful!


The Wildcat Booster Club supports EHS students through donations of time and finances in various ways.

  • Running concessions at all home varsity events.

  • Seasonal programs highlighting all EHS teams 

  • Selling Wildcat Wear to promote Paw Pride

  • Scholarships to graduating Seniors

  • Special requests and projects


Follow the EHS Wildcat Booster Club on social media. Stay up to date on what's happening, events and opportunities. 

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